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Never done Yoga want a slow pace flow to connect movement with breathing.



2 to 3 Person Class

For the ones who like to bring their best friends to anything new. 



Only You

Class Tailored to the student individual needs. Or those wishing to develop a home practice.



Stability Ball 

Gym ball focused class, where Your balance and wrists are put to the test.



How To 101

How? All break it down to see where you are. It is possible. And the variety of arm balances makes endless possibilities.



Back Love

Yoga wheel work, to progress on your Wheel Pose. To achieve a flexible spine.

IMG_0207 2.HEIC


Spin For 1

You're going for a ride, with me as your co-pilot giving you instructions and 10 levels intensity to play.



How to 101

Lose the fear of getting inverted with Feet Up. Also step by step on how to from the floor UP.



Use a Stick

Exploring movements outside the basics with aim to increase joint mobility.

Not your traditional Yoga class

Yogasanity Class is a challenging mix of postures.

The class is fast paced with times of effort and recovery. 

Work hard so You enjoy the well deserved shavasana close to the end.

Clapping Audience

Corporate  YogaSanity


Rob Jansen

Kirsty Urquhart

Project Director Acorn Technical Developer

" Armanda 

That was fun! Thank you so much for joining us yesterday in Norwood Hall. I think you will have seen from the laughter and smiles that the team was loving it. Yes, well beyond the physical capabilities of many of us, and well beyond what the team expected, which made it the success that it was. Great stuff - thank you. 



" Armanda is a fantastic teacher and brought great energy to my works team building day! Highly recommend Yogasanity and the playlist and Yoga really boosted the energy in the room. Thanks again. "

Team Building Yogasanity Day
White Branch

I’ve had 7 Yoga sessions with Armanda so far and I’ve absolutely loved every single session. She has so much knowledge and works around my limitations. I feel better within myself and look forward to carrying on my Yoga journey.
I definitely recommend her.

White Feather

Julia Hector

Armanda is an amazing person and Yoga instructor. She's got plenty of knowledge and experience. Do not hesitate to contact her if you're interested in trying Yoga.

White Branch

I went to Armanda for a Yoga session and thoroughly enjoyed it. She looked at my injury history and designed a Yoga session to suit my needs and capabilities, whilst still making the session challenging. I would recommend Armanda to anyone wanting to take up Yoga.

White Feather

I’ve only had a few sessions but I love it. Fab and bubbly personality.

Christine Wray

Sandra Oates

Katherine Dearling

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