(areas discuss with client before treatment)

This type of massage is designed to boost your

immune system and help relieve aches and pains.

You'll have a tailor made massage according to

your needs, with the use of long relaxing strokes,

which are combined with pressure work on

specific areas.

It's a treatment you will feel completely relaxed

and energized.


I recently had a deep tissue massage and I am genuinely amazed with the results.

Armanda knew my sore/trigger points without me having to say. and nearly a week later I am still pain free.

I've had fibromyalgia for years and the last few months my pain levels have been extremely high and effecting my daily life with joint pain and muscle spasms so tight that the pain wakes me during the night. I also had severe back pain from a previous fractured spine in 2013. It's nearly a week now and I'm still pain free. My muscle pain no longer wakes me during the night and my mood has changed due to the lack of pain. It's an odd sensation to wake up each day and think that something is different then to realise that that something is that I have no pain. I was a little sceptical before I had the massage (as I've lived with pain for years) at just how much relief it would bring as the strongest of painkillers simply masks the pain but I am truly grateful for the pain free week I have had and long may it continue.

I strongly recommend you try a deep tissue massage and see for yourself the benefits it brings to you. I've had the best week I've had for a long time and not needed the extra painkillers at night time.
Thank you so much Armanda@Yogasanity

Amanda Millie

I had a deep tissue massage from Armanda recently and I learned so much about my body that I did not know. I realised that the right side of my body is weaker and I slouch down to one side which i had not noticed before. Armanda gave me some tips for stretching which is helping and has offered to do some research specifically for my issue which is great!

I also had alot of tension in my hand, in the pressure point between my thumb and index finger which again I would not have known without going to Armanda.

I have problems with shoulder pain and lower back pain which has completely gone since having this massage.

I would highly recommend Armanda to anyone looking for a massage.

Morgan Aimee

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