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Schedule 2022


The Venue

Located in the north of Portugal, in Vila Real there is a hidden gem where you will be surrounded by nature.


You will get to enjoy the peace and serenity of this beautiful landscape. The Mill house is a set of renovated water mills with direct access to the river, which provides the perfect scenario and tranquility for mind, body and soul.

Studio Accommodation

The accommodation is based on sharing. There are a few opportunities to pay extra for a single room. 

Studio Single Beds
2 Single Beds


This option is ideal if you are open to making new connections and sharing the same space while making new friends.


2 double beds

Deluxe Double Studio

This option is ideal if you are sharing the space with the whole family or bring along all your best friends. This studio have 2 double beds and 2 sofa-beds.


1 Double Bed

Studio with Balcony

This option is ideal if you are sharing a room with a friend or significant other.

But you can also enjoy your own space throughout the experience. In case you are coming by yourself and want to have your own quiet space this is the perfect option for you.


Food / Dietary Requirements

Will provide breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The food is fresh, local and really delicious. If you are vegetarian please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.

Yoga Sessions / Yogasanity Workout

Our practices will be a variety of Yoga classes by the swimming pool, this includes, asanas, breathing work and meditation by the river. We have general themes to work with but we are lead by the group needs to tailor the practice. Yoga open to all levels.

Yogasanity workout is a high impact rhythm dance workout to charge your body up with the best energy.


1 Week Schedule

On the arrival at the Mill house you will be shown your accommodation and have a little time to freshen up, get to know the space and maybe go for a swim.(depending on time of arrival).

 We'll see how everyones felling, and probably have a gentle restorative stretch to ease out the journey.  

Than enjoy our first meal.



Get to know the surroundings, and everyone this will be your home for the next 6 days.


Yoga / Meditation

Yoga classes by the pool 

Meditation by the river


trail walk

Silent walk to observe and reflect 


yogasanity workout 

Be ready to show case your dance moves.

Here we dance like nobody watching.



This service is extra because your body is EXTRAORDINARY, book your massage to relax your muscles and fell lighter as a feather.


Exploring day

Visit to Mateus Palace & Gardens



Pack the memories & time to say goodbye