A Wife and a Mother that made Scotland her home for the past decade. Been physically active was always a part of her life. Running helped her clear her mind from a very young age.

After motherhood, Yoga became the path to building strength and flexibility. But challenging postures require a lot of strength. To begin with, a push-up was unreachable so blending Yoga with weight lifting and intensive workouts did wonders and it's where she stands now as a Personal Trainer and Yogasanity Teacher.

Keeping a strong mind over body is crucial to have the determination to stay active. Meditation balances the sanity and awareness necessary for daily life.

Armanda roots are a mix of African with Portuguese. That's where she gets the combination of her uniqueness. Her goal is to help as many people onto their fitness journey. Guide them on a path to achieve their true potential.


And after all the physical hard work, or Yoga session, Armanda got your back! And legs, arms, hands, and feet as a Holistic Deep Tissue Massagist.

What is Yogasanity?

It's 3 Flows, 3 ways of helping You achieve Your Best Potential!

Like on a recipe you add ingredients to your cooking, we add exercises, yoga, massage and blend it to your specific needs.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy, Stay Relaxed.

Armanda Couto,                                                                              YogaSanity