Armanda Couto


Where to start, well how did i landed in Scotland in first place?

More than a decade ago i followed my heart to Scotland as my now husband wouldn't go back to our home country Portugal. (i did had a return ticket which i never used)

I was a graphic designer back then. Moving country got my mind closed at begin (wondering why people don't speak the english i learned at school?) 


Then open exploring the culture and new possibilities leading to a whole new chapter in my life.

I loved running, cycling or roller blade to help me clear my mind in my teenage years, that was my go to hobbies and pass time in summer months.


I do recall wanting to be an instructor at 17 but i followed the designer path it seemed the right one at the time and i still use that skills today.


When i became a mother 10 years ago i turned to Yoga to help me physically and mentally. (Instagram is literally my virtual photo diary)